Get Compliant

Create federally required plans and ensure everyone knows their assigned roles.

Clarify Roles & Tasks

By answering simple questions participants generate specific task narratives.

Spot Information Gaps

Identify the essential information needs and responsibilities of each colleague and partner.

Benchmark Your Team

Map your processes against our homeland security database with our patented method and software app.

See The Little Picture

Collector surfaces the “ghost” processes, informal workarounds and impediments to effective execution.

Continuously Improve

Focus training resources on the mission-critical processes most in need of improvement.

Our Capability

We've developed an analytical process and software tool that saves time and enhances preparedness and response planning for agencies involved in emergency management and homeland security.

Explore the core processes at work in the EOC and the field on a granular level.

Deepen your understanding of the needs of crisis decision makers and elected officials.

Identify improvements to processes, documentation and training.

Improve crisis response and performance include better service to local agencies.

Visualize complex concepts with customized reports and graphics as needed.

See how government agencies and the private sector interact during response.

Meet requirements of the federal government for planning.

Clarify the communication needs of executive decision makers, elected officials.

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What to Expect

Mind-Alliance process mapping workshops enable Emergency Operations Center staff and partners to collaborate in a safe space and better understand their process intersection points.


In large group and process-specific breakout sessions you’ll build consensus about processes for any given planning scenario.


Participants will use the collector web application to provide the inputs needed for planning and process mapping.


As the entire process landscape begins to take shape, participants will become more aware of the EOC processes and key tasks that drive interactions and mission success.

Meet the Team

Our interdisciplinary team has experience at the intersection of emergency management, homeland security, enterprise architecture, and knowledge management.

Our Clients

We have proudly served directors and senior staff of agencies on the front lines of emergency preparedness and homeland security and the system integrators that support them.

US Department of Homeland Security
Delaware River Port Authority
Vermont State EOC

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